Help & Questions

Subscribing to Scamark portal

1. A message informs me that the email address you provided is not valid

Make sure that your email address doesn’t contain any special character such as: apostrophe ('), quotation mark ("), slash (/), anti-slash (\), «et» commercial (&), inferior (<), superior (>), etc.

2. A message informs me that my VAT number is not recognized

Check you didn’t enter any space while inputting your VAT number. Your entry must be similar as the following example: ES0123456789. If the number is still not being recognized, please check with your company you have the right number (your VAT number may have changed). If the number is the right one, it is likely the input of your company data in our ERP is still not ended. If so thank you to reach the marketing assistant taking care of your file.

3. You have made a subscription request but never have received your password?

Please first check your mail box. If you have received a confirmation mail, please click on the email validation link. You will receive your password within 48 hours. If you haven’t received any confirmation mail within the 48 hours following your subscription request, please proceed to a new request.

Connecting to Scamark portal

4. I lost my password

While you are trying to connect to Scamark portal a button « lost password » is at your disposal. Click and a field will be proposed to you so you can enter your email address (the one given during your first subscription). Then click on the button « send me my password back ». You will then receive your password soon.

5. My user name or my password are not recognized

Please check the spelling of your both user name and password. REMARK: Password always contains 8 characters (letters and/or figures and/or special characters). CAUTION: Passwords frequently change. Please make sure the password you entered is the last one you received.

6. When I connect to, the Internet Explorer application automatically shuts down.

As opening website, an application launches as a pop up shape and shuts down your web navigator. If your navigator carries anti-pop-up software, you need to deactivate it to get access to the application.

Personal data

7. General Data Protection Regulation

The personal information collected is subject to a computerized process intended to manage the application and its purpose. They are deleted after 2 years of inactivity. In accordance with the rights and regulations in force, you have at any time a right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data by contacting the SCAMARK administrative department.